Hexagon partners with Microsoft to redefine manufacturing with cloud technology

Hexagon partners with Microsoft to redefine manufacturing with cloud technology

Tuesday, 07 May 2024

  • Hexagon will roll-out applications that integrate the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to empower experienced employees to be more productive and assist less skilled users

  • These innovations form a significant foundation for new real-time co-engineering applications that combine Hexagon's digital twin technologies with Microsoft Azure

HANNOVER, Germany, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division today announces its strategic partnership with Microsoft, which aims to redefine how engineers collaborate and enable the discrete manufacturing industry to innovate faster, with more confidence, and with new solutions that combine data from virtual engineering processes with real-world measurement of manufactured products. The collaboration will offer solutions that use modern cloud infrastructure to connect manufacturing and engineering systems – including Microsoft 365 – in Hexagon's Nexus digital reality platform for manufacturers and help employees increase their productivity through cloud-accelerated simulation and AI. 


Collaborative work experience connected and created in Hexagon's Nexus platform, but fully integrated into a Teams call with an AI-assisted copilot in chat

The partnership aims to transform collaboration across the manufacturing value chain and apply digital twins to accelerate product innovation.

Transforming how manufacturers collaborate

Hexagon and Microsoft have partnered closely on the development and scaling of the open-source Fluid Framework and Azure Fluid Relay service to support the real-time sharing of data across a wide range of manufacturing industry processes and systems, allowing data created in one system to be immediately available to any other person or machine operating in another. Under the new partnership, the Microsoft 365 ecosystem will plug into this data layer, enabling customers to connect their day-to-day office documents and processes with manufacturing tools. This gives teams the freedom to innovate with the tools they already use; for example, tooling cost data from a Microsoft Excel worksheet could be easily shared with a CAM programmer, so simplifying work practices and decision-making between roles.

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